"Over the Moon"

August 29 2012 9:19AM

Howdy Folks!

Hope all is Rockin' in your way :)

I wanted to share this little video with y'all: "Over the Moon" is a lullabye inspired by a fan that just had a baby and wanted to know if I had written any children's songs. At the time I hadn't, but that was all it took to take me Over the Moon. For the video, I knew I wanted to involve the creative heart's of children. So with the help of Miss Fairchild's Second Grade Class at Catherine Cook School in Chicago (school year 2010-11), I present "Over the Moon" in honor and celebration of the life of one amazing moonwalker, Neil Armstrong.............

Hope it takes you over the moon to sleep sweetly or maybe on your best moonwalk EVER!!!!



Viper Alley with Edwin McCain! Show Update

July 9 2012 4:31PM

Howdy HIMEBAUGH Music Friends!

This is Fairchild giving y'all an update on HIMEBAUGH's upcoming shows.... because HIMEBAUGH is having a ton of fun creating neat stuff for our animals on The Farm.............. :))) 

(HIMEBAUGH! building a gate for one of our pony pastures with Denver! just about to roll over for an afternoon nap)

OK, back to my point!

This Wednesday, July 11, HIMEBAUGH is at Viper Alley in Lincolnshire with Edwin McCain. Friends in the area! please come out and enjoy some smooth summer sounds sailing off the sweet lips of one of your favorite singers! HIMEBAUGH will be showcasing songs from new CD Purple. Show starts at 8:00PM. Get your tickets now: www.viper-alley.com. AND! y'all remember the song "I'll be".... I know I'll be the greatest fan of your life.....HIMEBAUGH Fan that is! Don't get me wrong, I'm a fan of Edwin McCain too.....just saving my greatest fan title for someone else.....



And for all you Michiganders (seems you are the lucky ones again!) HIMEBAUGH has more shows for you all end of this month... it's another night in Michigan.... three actually... check back for details!!! :)))

Cheers! Fairchild



Good day!

May 11 2012 11:11AM

Good day and good heavens what do we have here!!  It’s a new web page.  Yippee!  First off, THANKS to Travis Schoening and Nicole Fairchild for getting this thing rolling!  Without them www.HIMEBAUGHmusic.com would look like this.....





That’s right... NOTHING.  A big blank spot of internetivity.  

Second, I’d like to thank Travis and Nicole again.  :)  

We’ll be adding stuff along the way- if you (yes you) can think of anything cool that should be on here let me know and I’ll ask T & N nicely if we can have it.  

I’ve released a new cd- an EP that’s the first of a series of a whole bunch of them-  HIMEBAUGH purple hit the shelves this spring to be followed quickly by HIMEBAUGH green which is appropriate because I’m keeping things as ‘green’ as I can.  The sleeves are made out of 100% recycled paper and there will be no plastic - I really don’t care for that shrink wrap stuff anyway- seems like such a waste.  And those annoying sticker things that keep you from getting to the cd drive me crazy- so I’ll be putting two of those on each cd.  HA- just kidding.

I’ve played some fun shows this spring with the HD Trio and with the Little River Band. I'm heading to CO end of this week for some shows there (check out show page for details) and come summer I've got some shows in IL, WI, NE, MI, IA and well where else would y'all like me to play?!

ROCK ON folks-